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The General Rules

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The General Rules

Post by Molar on Thu Sep 15, 2016 5:41 pm

The General Rules

Welcome, Guest, please review the rules...

This is the number one rule on the site. Disrespect will not be tolerated under any circumstance. No one is above each other regarding this rule, not even the Admin or Staff members. Anybody found disrespecting will be warned twice all the way to being completely banned from the site. We strive to make this community friendly as possible and will do whatever it takes to reach and keep that goal.

Please show respect to the Staff members on this site as they have been given that position for a reason - they are here to help you in any way that they can. It still doesn't mean they're superior in any way compared to everyone else, it just means they have more responsibilities around the site and are required to execute them. If at any reason you feel mistreated by a Staff member please report to an Admin.

Along with this rule, please keep all BOLD and COLORED font to staff. It is used by them in moderation.

Coloring text used in the roleplay for speech and thought is fine, just don't bold the font.

The Forums
The forums are divided into sections for a simple reason, to keep the site organized and neat from clutter. Please refrain from posting the wrong content in each section.

Dawn of the Dragons is the only roleplay on this site, the only one. Please refrain from creating anymore anywhere on the site, even in the games section. Because this site is brand new and barely starting out, this rule will be enforced. However, after a while when the site is growing, this rule may be overlooked depending on how things pan out.

Please read the roleplay rules and guides carefully before starting to actually play. This covers rules specifically for the roleplay.

Each step in the tier below is the warnings given all the way up to being completely banned from the site. Breaking these rules will give one warning each time, but that would depend on the severity of the offense. Straight up spamming or trolling would result in an automatic banning from the site without any warnings given.

Warning Tier
You have no warnings
You have one warning
You have two warnings
You have a serious warning
You are banned

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