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Roleplay Rules

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Roleplay Rules

Post by Molar on Fri Sep 16, 2016 10:39 am

Roleplay Rules
Powerplaying / God-modding
There is absolutely no god-modding in any form in this roleplay. This rule will be enforced strictly, along with power playing someone else's character without their permission. Only one warning will be given to those who break this rule... anything after will result in being banned from the roleplay for a period of time. Further offenses could result in being banned from the site.
Powers and Fantasy
Even though magical dragons exist, only dragons and humans can be playable. Other fantasies or mythical creatures exist on the island, however, hiding deep within the heavy vegetation. Dragons are the only ones that can have magical abilities; humans cannot. Humans have technology instead and that remains inside the time-period of kings and castles.

Please be aware, however, there are relics and items on the island that allow humans to possess the ability to use magic from previous settlers. Those have to be found.
Fightning / Violence
Every character suffers and many will die. This means everybody's character cannot be excluded from the rules; they cannot survive slashed throats or broken necks. If a situation could possibly kill the character, it's probably wise to not put them there in the first place. Players can kill other players, just has to be realistic and if there is a dispute about who is killed, Staff has the final say.

With the results of gore, it is allowed. Just try not to make it where you make others sick. Most importantly, make it realistic.
Romance / Mating
When it comes to romance between characters, use "common sense" when it comes to details.

Mating is allowed, same rules apply.
The map of Cryptyde Island is there for everyone to use to see where every place and special interest are located. Please keep the names as they are on the map. Do not change them without permission from an admin and there has to be a reason behind it.
Grammar and Posting
Regarding grammar required, I don't really have a strict rule for it. All I ask is try and make sure the post is readable and allows for easy replies from the player. If it does need to be fixed, you will be notified.

I understand a lot are busy these days and that is okay. I prefer you put your life before this site and because of that I don't have a rule regarding how long your post has to be.
Shifting Between Threads
When you are moving your character to different locations, please make a note in the previous thread you are moving from before transferring to the new one so everyone knows where the roleplay continues. This helps with clutter and confusion.
Time-skipping / Plot
Time-skipping are only up to the admins when it results in trying to speed up time in the roleplay because there is a system for the time of day and night in the game.

When it comes to the plot in the roleplay, I welcome suggestions but please do not change anything without permission from an admin. This will help with confusion in the roleplay and it getting out of control.
Seasons & Time
Seasons don't really exist on the island since it has it's own out-of-control climate system.

The day and night cycle in the roleplay is controlled by the admins only.

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