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[Guide] New Member's Guide

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[Guide] New Member's Guide

Post by Alena on Sun Dec 11, 2016 1:45 pm

New Member's Guide

This guide is here to help new members get accustomed to how this site works and enjoy the roleplay and other features.

Getting Started  

Welcome to Dawn of the Dragons!

  • You've just arrived to the site and aren't sure where to go. Why not start by introducing yourself to the community? Create a topic in the Greetings and Absences forum.
  • Like all RPG websites, here on Cryptyde Island we have a few rules of our own. Please read through them before any further actions in the  Site Rules forum. Failure to follow these rules will lower your warning bar. At four warnings, you will be banned from the site, but some actions may result in an instant ban depending on the severity.
  • The FAQ is a great place to find answers to frequently asked questions on the site.

Setting Up Your Profile

Navigate to your username in the top right corner and open up the profile tab. Click on Edit Profile to get started.

  • Information Tab: This is where members can view your achievements and things you would like to share about yourself. Be mindful about your location. It is optional, and if you do put something, it is recommended that you only put your country for privacy reasons. Please do not post any fictional places.
  • Preferences Tab: Here you can adjust privacy settings, alerts, language, timezone, and more.
  • Signature Tab: This is optional. If you type something here, add an emoticon, or insert a picture, it will be displayed at the bottom of every post you make.
  • Avatar Tab: This is the image of you everyone will see. If you haven't already created an avatar, you can either upload a picture or create one.
  • Friends and Foes Tab: Here you can add users as either a friend or a foe. Foes are people you have blocked.
  • Notifications Tab: In this section you can decide what you want to receive alerts on and you can view the ones you do have.
  • Topic(s) Being Watched Tab: If you have your notifications set, you will receive alerts when there is a new post in the topics listed here.
  • Topic(s) Favourites Tab: You can set forums as a favourite and they will be listed below.

Making Your First Character

Ready to join the roleplay? Navigate to the Character Creation forum and decide whether you want to create a human or a dragon character. The amount of characters you can have is unlimited, as long as you are sure you can manage them all.

Joining the Roleplay

You can now join the adventure with your new character.

  • Have you read the Roleplay Rules yet? If not, now would be the time to do it.
  • Check in on the Roleplay Events situated just below the main menu to see what has previously happened in the roleplay and what is currently taking place.
  • Whether you're a one-liner, semi-paragraph, or a paragraphic roleplayer, all are welcome on this site. It is requested, however, that you refrain from first person (I said...I ran away...etc).
  • If you wish to discuss what is going on in the roleplay or ask to become someone's mate or other things, go to the Roleplay Discussions forum. If you are talking to a specific person, be sure to tag them. If they have a space in their name, add a _ where the space is.

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