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Christmas Poetry Contest Results

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Christmas Poetry Contest Results

Post by Molar on Sat Dec 24, 2016 1:36 am

Christmas Poetry Contest Results

Greetings Dawn of the Dragons community!

We are glad to announce the winners of our Christmas Poetry Contest. Those who all participated are greatly appreciated, thank you!
All the poems submitted were fantastic. And for those who didn't win, never surrender, there are plenty more contests planned for 2017.

Congratulations to the winners!!

1st Place (2,000 coins) goes to @Molar for his poem

A Lesson to be Taught:

While walking through the snow on a cold winter day
There was something on my mind that I wish I couldn't say
So many hurtful memories that have entered my mind
After so long, how could I had been so blind?

Christmas with the family was supposed to be for joy
But how could it be when there wasn't one toy?
Hard times does that to a family of that size
It's too bad not many see that in their eyes

I had to strive in order to give
Scraping every little thing in order to live
I worked long hours of the night to be able to get by
It was hard when all the prices were extremely high

No matter what I tried, a smile never left my face
Even when we had lost so much wonderful grace
My brothers and sisters were my only friends
Spending my day offs with them was special particularly on the weekends

December was the toughest month we had to endure
But the feeling of being around a Christmas tree acted like a cure
Unwrapping even the worst presents gifted by each other was a great thing
No matter how much or how little everyone was aching

Even despite the worst times that came and go
And all the troubles that had to show
Family always came first and that is the beautiful thing learned
Please be grateful for what you have and don't always feel concerned.

2nd Place (1,500 coins) goes to @Thornrose for her poem


Snowflake, so delicate, and chill,
That ushers us to that holiday feel.
It softly dances below from the sunless sky,
tenderly arriving next to my eye.
Your frame so distinctive from another, so glorious,
reminding us the beauty, and uniqueness in each of us.
Snowflake, reflecting off of the beauty of the sun,
and exposing its radiance to the world like a beacon.
When your white purity drapes the earth,
It experiences a pleasant cleansing as if a re-birth

There are actually three winners for this rank.

3rd Place (1,000 coins) goes to @Alena, @Charles Whitney, and @Lucien Vox for their poems A Cold Christmas Eve, Fat Bastard, and Untitled, respectively

A Cold Christmas Eve:

Frosty days and cold winter nights,
Evergreens trimmed with red and green lights;
Families reunite
And all in this season is merry and bright.

The stars twinkle in the night so still and blue,
Gifts wrapped tightly in colorful tissue;
Reindeer flew
And the sound of sleigh bells rang softly through and through.

A tree waits silently no longer bare,
The chimney breathes in the chilly night air;
Footsteps on the stair
And then he vanishes to those unaware.

A home now left in gracious perfection,
Presents left filled with his affection;
Holiday decorations
And Christmas Day beams with joy and celebration.

Fat Bastard:

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Santa Clause is fat
Now my cookies are gone
Now my foot is blue


With the tinsel and lights to make everything bright,
All hope for the coming of that special night.

The children all laugh and play so nice,
While Dreaming of Dreams of snow and ice.

That's this is the season to share our pasts,
To make Holiday memories that always lasts.

So give it with all your heart, and don't hold back,
And show those Object and trinkets what they lack!

They awake to receive their gifts from those they hold dear,
Not holding back their joyous Christmas cheer.

They grow up knowing how to believe,
For all children know how to see.

That Love comes from the heart,
And opening it is where you can start!

Honorable Mention (500 coins) goes to @Myra for her poem


Christmas is forever, not for just one day,
for loving, sharing, giving, are not to put away
like bells and lights and tinsel, in some box upon a shelf. The good you do for others is good you do yourself.

For everyone who won the contest, please PM @Molar to claim your prize! Thank you and you all have yourself a

The Administration Team

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Re: Christmas Poetry Contest Results

Post by Molar on Mon Dec 26, 2016 7:58 am

The awards were given out just now! Thank you for all who participated!!!

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