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Quinn Aponis

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Quinn Aponis

Post by Quinn The Fox on Tue Jan 03, 2017 8:07 pm

Quinn Aponis
General Information
Nickname:Quinn Aponis
Personality:Though hating to admit she actually cares, Quinn usually goes out of her way to help other people, even total strangers. Despite her act of being cold and callous, she usually doesn't anticipate anything in return for her overall kind deeds and usually tries to walk out the door as soon as she has helped. She usually feigns an incredible amount of bravado until provided with an unsavory situation, and usually becomes nervous, perhaps even developing a squeaky and sarcastic jitter in both her voice and body language. She oftentimes tries to keep vendettas and grudges, but it usually quickly falls apart whenever she sees someone injured or nearly dying.
Interests:Fixing things, healing, painting and drawing
Dislikes:Getting stuck in cold rain, the unknown
Fears:Incredible heights, tight fitting spaces
Weight:117 lbs.
Hair Color:Black
Skin Color:Fair
Eye Color:Ash Gray
Typical Clothing:A white cotton blouse with a black leather vest tied tightly around her. A leather belt holds up simple dyed cotton pants of a dark gray with faded leather boots that tie up to just below the knee.
Mate / Love:None (yet)
Family:Mother and Father she left behind, one younger brother she lost at sea and is most likely deceased.

Though her family wasn't dirt poor, they weren't exceedingly wealthy nor were they well known, as her father did odd jobs while her mother fixed and washed the town's clothing in order to get by. It wasn't an uncomfortable life, but it certainly wasn't a pampered one. Quinn is rather fond of her self-proclaimed fortune to have the chance to learn to be a sort of jack-of-all-trades, mast of none kind of person.
Background:Quinn left her small village home in search of new economic opportunity with her younger brother, just sixteen at the time, joined her. They got by with simple errands in exchange for currency and used their wealth sparingly to where they were well fed and not panickingly low on gold. Her first voyage was a simple whaling vessel, where she lost her brother in the middle of a storm. She returned home for a few months to mourn and attend a body-less funeral, and eventually was drawn back to the docks, the pull of the sea forever calling her. She eventually joined the sailing vessel, her ears burning with the rumors of new lands and her eyes bright with a child-like glow of adventure, signing up to board the vessel, not knowing was strange occurrences could come for her in the future...

It was all very exciting, really.
Quinn The Fox
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Re: Quinn Aponis

Post by Molar on Tue Jan 03, 2017 8:20 pm

Great addition.
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