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Sionnach de Fae

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Sionnach de Fae

Post by Quinn The Fox on Mon Jan 30, 2017 8:14 am

Sionnach de Fae
/shun-okh dhe faye/
General Information
Nickname:Fae (Faye)
Age:127 years
Personality:Unlike Western dragons that were portrayed as malicious and gluttonous, Sionnach takes her place among the stereotypes of her Chinese brethren; benevolent and knowledgeable, she is considered wise beyond her young years and though that may be a fine characteristic for a leader, she does not often believe herself to be they type. She despises those who lust for greed and those who believe themselves superior for minor things, choosing instead to focus on learning and skill rather than more desirable ambitions of power. Thoughtful and open-minded, she'd be one of the first to step up and guide someone to the best of their ability individually, but as for inspiring a crowd she finds herself lacking.
Interests:Developing new ways to improve or expanding her magic and knowledge, participating in fine arts and exotic trades as well as intellectual conversation and debate.
Dislikes:Creatures that possess arrogance, cruelty, and being inconsiderately coy under imperative situations.
Fears:Imprisonment, the inability to discover an unknown threat and a somehow loss of her magic would be a few examples.
Height:15 feet tall, 120 feet long, 8 feet in diameter.
Weight:4,000 lbs.-ish.
Scale Color:Snowy White
Eye Color:Ocean Green
Other Appearance:Teal-Green Fur replaces her spine while she has almost birdlike feet. Unlike most dragons, she does not fly with wings, rather through her own innate power and has a more serpentine body as well as incredibly long whiskers coming off of her otherwise smooth snout.
Skills & Powers
Breath Weapon:Fire Jet
Selected Power:Animal Transformation
Selected Power:Terraform
Selected Power:Healing Grace
Mate:Too young to search for one, and yet she has no ambition to adamantly search yet.
Family:Having left her family at such a young age, Sionnach barely remembers any of it. She remembers a mother and a father and perhaps siblings, but nothing too profound.
Background:Fae would leave her own home at a young age, the lack of learning too great for her to handle and her un-quenched thrust for knowledge would lead her to pursue her own path. Growing up traveling where she was welcome, she gained skill in her magic and knowledge in others, forever searching for knowledge in the fabled Celestial dragons to add to her massive archive of her mind. She lives alone, never settling in one place as she traveled the island to her leisure.
Quinn The Fox
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Re: Sionnach de Fae

Post by Molar on Wed Feb 01, 2017 7:56 am

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